Celli's Osteria

Burlington's Best Italian Restaurant

Come dine with us at Celli's, Burlington's best Italian Restaurant,
where we offer you an opportunity to celebrate the true authentic flavors of Italy.

Italian, Osteri´╗┐a means 'tavern' or 'inn' where visitors may enjoy simple lodging and traditional food and wine. We proudly celebrate this
heritage by upholding a classical understanding of the value of the
simple things - family, food and comfort - by welcoming you to enjoy the warm embrace of Celli's Osteria.

Enjoy rustic Italian Restaurant dishes with a contemporary flare that express our belief in the value of seasonal products
and simple, genuine flavours.
Enjoy seasonal menus and a combination of both locally produced and imported Italian ingredients beautifully
complemented by an extensive wine list.

(syn'n) taverna, trattoria, bettola, barra, sbarra, baretta, battuta, cantina, public house, meeting place, bar cafe, bistro...